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Flter is a secure VPN solution that enables you to browse quickly and anonymously.

Device image 2x dd4029b404f106e512c35987657e0de27f4f73d937266bf4fa7feb8e93b034ea
Mobile device image 2x 0db2ad9b36c0936180a9916d1c284a4534922749f536d97d98a03329c4bd5ba6


Wifi white 2x 4c9c18dd9412c4bc72ccfce8687d7e8ad4ffca6d22ba1b78e016d061f1d1d09e
Encrypted wifi
Connection white 2x 6d5120abf7fee0e0d22cf9bc7e46bed5751b41c6ce3fb86c64917f2b5639caab
Multiple connections
World white 2x 44e8e4a61d7452b611450b792ca60c7e00514aa5b482a92f10926e280a805a7d
Global access
P2p white 2x 3f82fd7960ef0250863471bd90d94faa19a9346e227b7f4d6e68117ca6bc8bd0
P2P support
Tach white 2x e0705a4a8e2aca9076acead833028ec7d30ceff99e1cc1a4d634d0f8adaa9c95
Unlimited bandwidth
Malware white 2x 3d125fd10a37b1963f800b88f0f9165eb7f072c22668ace0c9374b2555ec726d
Malicious site blocking

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Server 2x 2d4d623dc00823bb52f643afccb641023bf9daa52732da01667d613279150afd

Servers in 24 countries

Lock 2x 5c84c57575bb9568d1a8347810993872ec76ad8aafbdb329ab08f6c7beba1dce

Strong AES 256-bit encryption

Log 2x eebe587a7d01215a1474f449fb25e56e321f85bc65d668f0ac53824b95fae620

No traffic logs

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Black & white flter 2x 70e169401c84e1360a4c8470a1a9e5d4e2ceeeb553554761112bc6ee66562851