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Flter is a secure VPN solution that enables you to browse quickly and anonymously.

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Features wifi 57a1e8644cf4bd208c3e7c449fd8a52e5935ac76a940716f2a49fff0e0d9d461
Encrypted wifi
Features multiple e1fea505cb75d32bd51f5e313adc221e1e3b3c284a994976eba01ebe9eafdba2
Multiple connections
Features global e60f558d4d49239eeb603af234b682440f738287fa6d1b71b8d76ee8c757d5d0
Global access
Features p2p 24ce4861fee988dcd95e7865bac590d915e3edf048ac1f1b4025b474988121dd
P2P support
Features bandwidth 99554e1c444bfa059288a63e5b20a49237db73e1768f52abebd1d027c5784cb9
Unlimited bandwidth
Features malicious ea48d0d70f02e2c31407ccba08e6bf319d0a8fb18e0f796296f01dc977c94cad
Malicious site blocking

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$0.00 /month

  • Basic VPN Features
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • L2TP/IPSec Connections
  • Upgrade anytime
Billed annually ($69.99 a year)

$5.83 /month

  • All VPN Features
  • Money back guarantee
  • Cancel anytime
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Save 50% with annual billing
  • Native clients
Billed monthly

$8.99 /month

  • All VPN Features
  • Money back guarantee
  • Cancel anytime
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Native clients
Features 2 servers fbc2b0ff2641cababd1b5d1878d167650079121860fe18c8ac0204a05ac31a15
Servers around the world
Features 2 encryption 5d27c0efb45fe93b1d711d0f90224e9915c8dc89603f1b767445ab5120b66200
Strong AES 256-bit encryption
Features 2 logs c8e6233ee942ae5c6f523d3269c251bbdbc85bbcb0797ad9765c5332447e54df
No traffic logs

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